[Eg0_052] No-Xygen and Mike Radice : From darkness to renaissance

Note from the label : From darkness to renaissance is an epic soundtrack that needs to be listened as a whole to be fully appreciated. Tracks are quite contrasted (including synthetic melodic ambient, drone, percussive ethno-ambient) but the whole is very cohesive and thoughtfully assembled

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Introduction by the artists :
The first collaboration album of dark ambient project No-xygen (official myspace page : http://www.myspace.com/therealnoxygen)  and multi-instrumentalist Mike Radice.
This album was conceived and created between 2010 and 2011 consisted by eight tracks, four by No-xygen and four by Mike Radice back to back.
The title represents the idea of destruction followed by rebirth. As it is in life, is about the struggle to overcome the obstacles of dark times and reborn through them.
The tracks of No-xygen symbolize in a manner the “darkness” part while the tracks of Mike Radice represent the “renaissance” part. The album tends to drag the listener to a journey of transition from darkness to renaissance


Tracks 1,3,5,7 by No-xygen
Music composed by Manos F.
Track 3 arranged by Thanos M.
Produced and mastered by Thanos M.

Tracks 2,4,6,8

Music composed by Mike Radice
Produced and mastered by Mike Radice

Artwork by No-xygen
Concept by No-xygen and Mike Radice

5 responses to “[Eg0_052] No-Xygen and Mike Radice : From darkness to renaissance

  1. [hell in]

    interesting mixture of two quite different sides of approaching….. mesmerizing martial moments actually poses the light through intervening of M Radice tracks which are mainly based on dark drone tunes intertwined martial moments as well….

    can’t say this record has two separated parts…. all the tracks together build up a concept …. a dark sorrowful yet enchanting concept…..

    about the relation between me and this album ? I will definitely admire it…. it is art even if it is pretty simple and minimal….. I would dare say ” a great collaboration presenting a greater emotional mirage ”

    …. and now I am searching for recordings of Mike Radice, too…..

    mortum [ exabyss ]

    [hell out]

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