[Eg0_121] UNUNE : Movements In Decay

< UNUNE > * is the project of Stephen Surreal, a british musician active since 1979 who has taken part in the early industrial vibe. His music has evolved through the years, it is often more atmospheric, but always original and challenging  (don’t expect new-agish ambient here!) Movements in Decay belongs to Unune’s rather quiet and droney works. It includes abstract soundscapes as well as melancolic melodies – and always with a subtle work on textures and their layering.

In november eg0cide will also release a doubla album of live tracks of Unune and earlier projects (from 1979 to 2010s) that should finish to convince you that Stephen is a overlooked sound artist. Meanwhile you can check his bandcamp page for more albums.

*’ Unune is a little known derogative of the word untune,in this case – incapable of causing harmonious effect,it is also ( amongst other definitions ) both UN (male) & UNE (female).

click on the image to visit the download page

Full album download:

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