[Eg0_132] ~UNUNE~ : Stone Swan Songs (Alternate Version)

After the the recent  and rather droney/abstract Movements in Decay and the compilation Presenting the Past (which documented his early industrial roots), Stephen Surreal aka UNUNE offers another impressive album on eg0cide. This new version of the previously self-released Stone Swan Songs (containing alternative mixes and 2 long bonus tracks) could be considered as (one of) the missing link(s) between the two  albums mentioned above. It was put together between 2011 / 2013 in 3 locations (apart from the 2 extra tracks) : Loughborough, Stephen’s “nothe home” in the West Highlands of Scotland, & City of Nottingham (where Stephen’s was born and currently lives in.)

Most of the tracks start with distant fuzzy drones and grow slowly, enhanced by many nuances  : melancolic melodies played on various instruments, well controlled waves of noise, muffled shouts from some undisclosed hellish locations, hypnotic march-like beats, folkish acoustic strings – but let’s not spoil everything the album has to give…

This is the longest release ever published on eg0cide – and it is getting the longest description we ever wrote. Indeed a 4h21 album is what can be called a long album accordingly to usual standards (this kind of thing is rarely blamed when speaking about the works of academic composers or writers – but that’s another question) but we think this length is totally justified by the richness and vastness of the feelings and ideas that Sir Surreal’s sonic odissey evokes.

As the titles and cover suggest, the overall mood is crepuscular, and even sinister at times – but also majestous and spacious. This music captures perfectly the intrinsic tension of the melancholy of someone who passed through hard times and irreversible losses : in the same time an elegy for what is dead in us and the endless rise of a radiant (although disillusionned) will to live and to create. Fears, hopes, everything must end – that’s the point where we can start from. This takes a whole life . If you are curious of / interested in such insights, please forget these words and immerse yourself in the 261 minutes of Stone Swan Songs. And if while listening you don’t get why we are so found of this album, please try it later, may it be next year or next decade.

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Stone swan songs alternate version front

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[Eg0_127] Unune : Presenting The Past

After having publishing his recent album Movements in Decay ,  we welcome back Stephen Surreal aka Unune with a massive live compilation from 1979 until present,  featuring incarnations : ~UNUNE~  ( 2011/Present ),  Tears Of Ochre ( 2010/2011 ),  Agony For Pleasure ( 1986/1993 ), S.K.U.M. ( 1979/1986 ). Presenting The Past contains more than 3 hours of experimental / industrial music, including creepy minimal stuff, noisy experiments, but also catchy rythmical tunes like “Primal scream” or “Dogmandog”. Fans of  early Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire (and more obscure projects from this first wave of industrial music) shouldn’t miss the opportunity to discover the uncompromising works of this unheralded sound explorer.

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Presenting The Past ....


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[Eg0_121] UNUNE : Movements In Decay

< UNUNE > * is the project of Stephen Surreal, a british musician active since 1979 who has taken part in the early industrial vibe. His music has evolved through the years, it is often more atmospheric, but always original and challenging  (don’t expect new-agish ambient here!) Movements in Decay belongs to Unune’s rather quiet and droney works. It includes abstract soundscapes as well as melancolic melodies – and always with a subtle work on textures and their layering.

In november eg0cide will also release a doubla album of live tracks of Unune and earlier projects (from 1979 to 2010s) that should finish to convince you that Stephen is a overlooked sound artist. Meanwhile you can check his bandcamp page for more albums.

*’ Unune is a little known derogative of the word untune,in this case – incapable of causing harmonious effect,it is also ( amongst other definitions ) both UN (male) & UNE (female).

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