[Eg0_168] Stillborn Blues : Prétextes


Our old collaborator Stillborn Blues emailed this morning about a 5 years old release project that had been programmed / delayed / canceled many times. It is now available.
If someone wants further pseudo-explanations, here they are (awkwardly translated from poor french to shitty english):


I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long…but after all you haven’t either. I somehow thought you were over with all this shit. And as one of our old friends told us, it’s always too early or too late for worrying.
I’ll understand if you ignore me or tell me to go fuck myself, considering I’ve already changed my mind several times about this release project since 2012 (2011??). But now I’m positively OK to publish “Prétextes” if you’re still into it. I dare to ask since it seems eg0cide is back at work, and more and more shifting its focus towards “failure” – or maybe it is just a return to its roots, old lo-fi (absence of) style and “who cares” mood?
Anyway I won’t change anything anymore to the mixes and playlist. Why bothering tweaking something that’s weak/rotten/failed to the core? It’s just another “imperfect failure”.
I have no descriptions idea for this album, you can use (bits of) this message if you want.


Full album download links

Free Music Archive mirror

Bandcamp mirror


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