[Eg0_183] Stillborn Blues : III (reissue)

Stillborn Blues3rd album features tracks recorded between 2008 and 2010 and was firstly released 8 years ago as an edition of 15 cd-r. 2 or 3 have been sold to some bad-advised speculators turned on by the “limited edition” words , 4 or 5 have been traded with other weirdos or given to polite friends, the rest of them were damaged in some various domestic accidents. One of the few readable ones was ripped to create this digital version.
This album has the same old typical Stillborn Blues style : plaintive melancholy, detuned guitars, lo-fi recording, awkward playing muffled by the abuse of reverb and delay – all the ingredients for a low-profile soundtrack for lazy dreamers and restless losers in need of a pretext for spending the day watching the ceiling. Now that the music is on you can close the curtains and go back in your bed.


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[Eg0_168] Stillborn Blues : Prétextes


Our old collaborator Stillborn Blues emailed this morning about a 5 years old release project that had been programmed / delayed / canceled many times. It is now available.
If someone wants further pseudo-explanations, here they are (awkwardly translated from poor french to shitty english):


I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long…but after all you haven’t either. I somehow thought you were over with all this shit. And as one of our old friends told us, it’s always too early or too late for worrying.
I’ll understand if you ignore me or tell me to go fuck myself, considering I’ve already changed my mind several times about this release project since 2012 (2011??). But now I’m positively OK to publish “Prétextes” if you’re still into it. I dare to ask since it seems eg0cide is back at work, and more and more shifting its focus towards “failure” – or maybe it is just a return to its roots, old lo-fi (absence of) style and “who cares” mood?
Anyway I won’t change anything anymore to the mixes and playlist. Why bothering tweaking something that’s weak/rotten/failed to the core? It’s just another “imperfect failure”.
I have no descriptions idea for this album, you can use (bits of) this message if you want.


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[Eg0_082] Ayato vs Ghosts : Wasted shots

Supposedly dead, the stillborn ghosts (eg0cide S.A., Stillborn Blues & the ghost between the strings) have been awaken last year by Ayato‘s electronic sorcery, who even managed  to make them groove. (stillborn dub (2011)) . The eg0cidian zombies have liked this treatment enough to stay out of their graves – and ask new sonic flesh to Ayato (mostly vinyl-based rythmic structures) that they have overdubbed with various instruments. Final mixes of the resulting wasted shots have been realized by eg0cide S.A.

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[Eg0_060] Ayato and Stillborn Blues : Overlapping Horizons

After having remixed Stillborn Ghosts’ “album Over & Out” (Stillborn Dub), Ayato continued to revisit works from the eg0cide staff. This time he completed an unfinished raw mix of Stillborn Blues in a quite surprising way. If someone had told me before that Stillborn Blues’ arythmical, lo-fi, melancolic guitars could be crossed with techno-dub influences, I would have been more than sceptical. Ayato didn’t tell us before – he just did it, in a very personal way, and the result sounds amazingly cohesive despite of its heterogeneous elements.

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Ayato vs Ghosts : Stillborn Dub [Treetrunk Records / Eg0cide Productions]

When Ayato first listened to Stillborn Ghosts‘ double album “over & out” (released in 2009 by Svartgalgh) he immediately detected a dark dub potential in this weird mixture of post-noise-rock, dark ambient and industrial. So he asked to a member of the band – his friend & collaborator The Ghost Between The Strings – a copy of the original tracks of the album in order to do some remixes. In addition to 4 remixes, he composed new tracks using raw guitar recordings by the 2 members of the band (TGBTS & Stillborn Blues). The result can be considered as a completely new album : Stillborn Dub (and maybe even a new band, since the collaboration is going on…

The album is available as a free download from Treetrunk Records but you can also buy a CD-R version for 5 euros (excluding postage) from Eg0cide Productions. If interested, please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com to order a copy


Reviews :

Reviewer: Muzikal Mulch – – November 7, 2011
Subject: The birth of a new genre?
Not sure how I overlooked TGBTS until now- seeing that they have multiple releases– but I’m so very happy to find this recording.
It has a little bit of everything– (just like the description says) a “weird mixture of post-noise-rock, dark ambient and industrial”
Yes- it’s experimental… Yes- it can be very unsettling… chaotic and disastrous at times, and dark as midnight…
A great production that paints a picture of buildings collapsing into black oceans of churning restless water, crackling old radios hissing out dead songs, the sinister shadow creature just around the corner, and blue-grey TV static with its own wicked consciousness- you never know what will happen next- other than that it will leave you with a creepy feeling as though you’ve just somehow been sonically molested.
This release sets a new standard for the term “Dark Psychedelia”– and you should give it a listen. Thanks for making music of this caliber available for free.
Will definitely be checking out your other work!

Reviewer: dxt – – August 9, 2011
Subject: enjoyable release
… a great surprise for treetrunk catalogue, a complete album you can enjoy and lost to, a must-hear for this year!

Reviewer: Darby Mullins – – July 14, 2011
Subject: “The Stillborn Dub” stride on a time to drift back. .
The power of a style is, may be, to develop itself across all, taking a stream end make it stronger….What is the part of the shadow when light is scarce? How to render it more deeper? How play with discord to make appear harmonic lines ? Ayato & the Ghosts drew a highway rhythm, putting points of light all along, raising abstract and scary shapes, chime out a guitar chord…..The Stillborn Dub stride on a time to drift back.
La puissance d’un style est, peut-être, de pouvoir se développer dans n’importe lequel, prendre un flux et le rendre plus fort …. Quelle est la part d’ombre quand la lumière est rare? Comment la rendre plus profonde ? Comment jouer avec la discorde pour faire apparaître les lignes harmoniques?
Ayato & the Ghosts ont dessiné une autoroute-rythme, mettant des points de lumière tout le long, soulevant des formes abstraites et effrayantes, égrènent un accord de guitare …..The Stillborn Dub arpente un temps de dérive vers l’arrière.

[Eg0_CD08] Stillborn Blues – III

After 2 mp3 albums available as free mp3 downloads (He Had Nothing Left To Leave But Himself (2007) and The Same Old Failure (2008)) , Stillborn Blues gets his first CD-R release on eg0cide.
Using only guitars (often prepared and detuned), he creates fragile melancolic pieces, not ambient but mostly quiet and moody, with a few slabs of anger. Most of these tracks are based on improvisations and contain very few overdubs…
Special thanks to Cédric for his help

Comes on inkjet printed cdr in an oversized recatngular carboard cover
15 (not numbered)  copies have been made
Price : 5 eur excluding postage

To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com