[Eg0_189] Minus Pilots : South Late Winter Dream​ / ​My Stars, My Perfect Silence

Minus Pilots is percussionist Matt Pittori and bassist Adam Barringer. Together they weave sparse textures, crumbling atmospheres and fractured drones with currents of gentle crackle. Between post-rock and ambient, their music incline towards a form of refined abstraction, but always keeps a strong emotional side. And once again, on their new EP South Late Winter Dream​​/​​My Stars, My Perfect Silence, the duo masterfully mixes dreamy melodies with a complex work on sound textures and rhythmic micro-events.

Click on the picture to visit the download page

Full album download links :

Free music archive mirror (mp3 only)

Bandcamp mirror (streaming only)

Par ailleurs, nous avons le plaisir de co-organiser à Paris deux des concerts du duo à l’occasion de sa tournée européenne en octobre :

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