[Eg0_190] Federico Dal Pozzo : Untitled_PaHaD

Federico Dal Pozzo is an Italian sound artist , electroacoustic composer and musician. His works are based upon concrete objects and the transfiguration and perception of the sound and audio- spatialization . He works with Max/Msp. He does compositions for dance and theatre companies , audio-Installations and concerts.
Today we are proud to publish his latest piece Untitled_PaHaD, a mysterious and subtly progressive composition, where liquid textures swirl like a delicate swarm of otherwordly voices. In this new work, once again, Dal Pozzo’s use of digital tools is very fluid and organic, completely at the service of a higly personal musical vision.

Music by Federico Dal Pozzo
Photo by Marco Cianci
Thanx to Lorenzo Abbatoir, Giada Piraccini, Marco Cianci

Click on the picture to visit the download page

Full album download links :

Bandcamp mirror (streaming only)

Free music archive mirror (mp3 only)

Nous avons par ailleur le plaisir de co-organiser à Paris un concert du duo que Federico Dal Pozzo constitue avec l’artiste visuel portugais Frederico Pimpao, qui ont créé ensemble une performance multimedia inspirée par l’environnement urbain de Venise.  Leur set concluera une soirée spéciale son et vidéo que nous proposons le Le 17 octobre aux Voûtes, avec 3 autres formations travaillant chacune à sa façon sur l’interaction arts sonores et visuel :   OlgarymSimiskina & Xavier Quérel. L’événement sur facebook

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