[Eg0_104] Digital Mass : Vacant Vision

Anonymous  polish droners Digital Mass are back on eg0cide with a new mysterious offering. They told us that “vacant vision” was inspired by antic shamanic rituals that used to take place in the core of the Bialowieza forest. They might be mystical freaks, they might be ironic impostors – nevermind. Just close your eyes and let the glowing sound grow and erase you from the inside.

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Full album download :

[Eg0_081] Digital Mass : The Murk 3

Mexican sound explorers Digital Mass have decided to add a 3rd chapter to their drone saga “the murk”. Sounds used in  “Lights in the Murk” were produced exclusively by electric guitars – played with various electric devices which helped to extract unexpected vibes out of the body of the instrument even without touching the strings.

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[Eg0_036] Digital Mass : The Murk II

Back from a short tour in USA, the anonymous canadian drone collective Digital Mass has created a sequel to a previous long-from drone The Murk, (already released by Eg0cide last year). Bleaker, colder than the 1st issue, this new track is like a slow descent into some unknown caverns. Minimalist dark ambient at its best

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[Eg0_026] Fosel – The Enormous Room

Eg0cide is glad that The Murk has gained attention by experimental/ambient composer Kurt Nimmo aka Fosel : he offered us not only a great remix of this Digital Mass track, but a full album of mysterious, spacious soundscapes. The album has a very well chosen title : “the enormous room” and should appeal to fans of deep, experimental drone. If you want to check it, please click the cover image to enter…

(The album also contains a remix of Andrew Deakin’s Pannus Mihi Panis, taken from the compilation album Field Notes released by Earth Monkey Productions)

As a bonus, our friend Thomas Park aka Mystified has made a video to an edit of  “The Perfect Nowhere”

[Eg0_025] Digital Mass – Wind Labyrinths

We at Eg0cide Productions have no idea where Digital Mass come from, and even less where they are going/taking us with each new recording, but we are always ready to follow them in their sound experiments. For this new album their anonymous members have recorded atmospheric improvisations on acoustic instruments that were later processed and filtered, but not edited. No synthesizer/looping/sampling was used on these 3 tracks just instinctive playing and empirical sound processing.
For the best listening experience, we suggest you to lay down in the dark with an empty mind and a calm heart, expect nothing, and get lost in these foggy labyrinths like while contemplating smoke curtains.

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Recorded summer 2010 by Digital Mass
Artwork by Eg0cide S.A.
Special thanks to Thomas for his support

[Eg0_018] Digital Mass – Shatter Fog

Shatter Fog is the first official release of Digital Mass, a collaborative ambient/experimental act. Their members want to remain anonymous, the only thing to know about them is that the number of people involved in this project is subject to changes depending on the albums.
So let’s focus on their music and enter into their experimental soundscapes, amongst abstract foggy drones, occasional minimal beats, parasited sound transmissions from other planets and/or an antediluvian past…