[Eg0_049] Mystified : Reduced (remastered)

Reduced was originally released on cd-r in 2006 and is of course out of print. Mystified and eg0cide have decided to give a second life to this album of rather short and diverse field-recording based tracks ranging from dark drone to electroacoustic manipulations (and some rawer field recordings). A captivating sonic trip remastered by Thomas of Mystified himself.

Click on the picture (artwork by Sandy Spreitz) to visit the download page on archive.org

[Eg0_039] Ars Sonor & Meklabor : Box of Matches

Autum will come soon, perfect time to listen to the delicate and melancholic drones of Ars Sonor (who also created the artwork) & Meklabor : a well titled EP inhabited by trembling lights and whispering winds : Box of Matches (featuring also flute sounds by Mystified on the 1st track)


Ars Sonor is an alias of Laetitia Schteinberg, a sound artist and photo enthusiast currently living in Sweden. She started making experimental soundscapes in 2003 using laptop and MIDI controller under the name Autosomal. Finally, in 2010, Autosomal became a group and Laetitia left the project in 2011, since that time working alone under the name Ars Sonor. The music of Ars Sonor is very diverse, spanning ambient, drone, dark dub and industrial.

Meklabor is an alias of D.Vlasov, an experimental artist from Russia and experienced bagpiper. His music is spanning syncretic folk, rhythmic noise and ambient

[Eg0_034] Mystified : Concrete Mix

Mystified strikes back on eg0cide, using some samples of his recent experiments with trombone and other sound sources, including a remix of the track “Crumbling Walls; Inch by Inch, Row by Row” orginally created by Wilhelm Matthies.
This 30minutes mix of experimental soundscaping will take you through different atmospheres, from a rythmical intro to deep dark ambient, abstract textures and otherworldly drones…

Click on the picture to go to the archive.org download page

[Eg0_024] Tribe of Astronauts : Displaced Soundscapes

Exactly one year after the release of Amalgamed, the Astronauts are back on eg0cide with a new album, usings sounds from KvB (album “Oncogénèse”), Luciftias (albums “Suspension of Disbelief” and “Soundscapes for headphones”), Mystified (albums “Displaced Assemblage”, “Phantoms” and “Skywtachers”), The Ghost between The Strings (raw unreleased material recorded especially for the Tribe of Astronauts) & Kecap Tuyul (raw unreleased material recorded especially for TOA)
“Displaced Soundscapes” is a strange sonic journey in 3 parts that the Tribe recomends you to play at high volume or with headphones…

Click on the picture to go to the download page on archive.org (link will open in a new window)

Thanks to Joe Baire for the photo and of course to all the sound contributors

[Eg0_015] Tribe of Astronauts – Amalgamed

After several sonic manifestations on Webbed Hand and Treetrunk, the Tribe of Astronauts landed again on earth and have chosen to deliver their new work on Eg0cide Productions : Amalgamed

It features exclusively sounds from Mystified‘s albums : 22  tracks from Amalgam and one from Cosmic Howling. The original recordings haven’t been altered : the only effects used are light equalization and compression on some tracks, and of course pans and fades, and little edits (just a few “copy and paste” when a particular sequence needed to be extended)

The Astronauts wish you a good trip and would like to thank Thomas of Mystified for his support and inspiring sound experiments.