[Eg0_108] L’anorkhestra : Smashed Bulbs Enlightment

L’anorkhestra is a free improvisation band with variable members. The 2 tracks of Smashed Bulbs Enlightment were recorded summer 2012. They mix abstract soundscapes and raw free rock blasts, in a way that sometimes reminds me the spirit of the most radical “kraut rock” recordings in the early 70s.
Charles premier: home-made instruments
Nicolas Fournier Chavepeyre: drums, percussion
Mescalibur: analog synthesizer
Kecap Tuyul: prepared guitar

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And while you’re here why not checking their track Par le feu (recorded august 2013, in a trio line-up) on the compilation Necktar 2017 vol. 6.

It’s my favourite tracks from them so far.