[Eg0_177] Kecap Tuyul: la soufflette du squelette

Almost 3 years after the release of his previous album Trois Clous, Kecap Tuyul unleashes some more stuff dating from the same area (2015), developing an intensive use of voice as main sound source, filtered, deformed by effects and sometimes overwhelmed by feedback. Guitar was still here (on 2 of the 3 tracks  of the album), providing unstable melodic/droney backgrounds, but often swallowed by spirals of self-dissolving chaos.
Since then Kecap Tuyul has put guitar and voice aside and now mostly uses no-input mixer, in collaboration with various people, and alone under the Failure Circle moniker, focusing on chaos itself, searching for unstable situations, but welcoming the possible emergence of  seemingly self-organized sonic forms.

Direct download links :

Bandcamp mirror

Track 1 : improvisation with voice & effects improvisation, overdubbed on the fly with another voice track.
Track 1 & 2 : improvisations with voice, prepared guitar, effects – no edits, no overdubs.
Mixed by Kecap Tuyul january-september 2015
Final mix by Sobria Ebrietas, september 2015
99% of us is noise


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