[Eg0_018] Digital Mass – Shatter Fog

Shatter Fog is the first official release of Digital Mass, a collaborative ambient/experimental act. Their members want to remain anonymous, the only thing to know about them is that the number of people involved in this project is subject to changes depending on the albums.
So let’s focus on their music and enter into their experimental soundscapes, amongst abstract foggy drones, occasional minimal beats, parasited sound transmissions from other planets and/or an antediluvian past…


[Eg0_015] Tribe of Astronauts – Amalgamed

After several sonic manifestations on Webbed Hand and Treetrunk, the Tribe of Astronauts landed again on earth and have chosen to deliver their new work on Eg0cide Productions : Amalgamed

It features exclusively sounds from Mystified‘s albums : 22  tracks from Amalgam and one from Cosmic Howling. The original recordings haven’t been altered : the only effects used are light equalization and compression on some tracks, and of course pans and fades, and little edits (just a few “copy and paste” when a particular sequence needed to be extended)

The Astronauts wish you a good trip and would like to thank Thomas of Mystified for his support and inspiring sound experiments.