[Eg0_080] The perfect failure (?) vol. 2 : schizo raid onction

Schizo raid onction is the 2nd volume (and hopefully worse than the 1st) of the perfect failure / l’échec parfait collaborative project – which is still open :  you are invited to send your worst creations to eg0cide who will mix them.

Many thanks to all contributors : CDRX, Charles Pennequin, Charles premier, DJP, DMC, Doc Demagol, Ghosts don’t exist, Id Vicious / J.G. Power-Ballard / Porno Adorno, Kecap Tuyul, Mescalibur, Trap&zoid, Vide flotté raide

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NB : une version remaniée du texte de Charles Pennequin que vous pouvez entendre (lu par ???) entre 2min30 et 8min37 est disponible dans son livre  Pamphlet contre la mort 

[Eg0_044] DMC and Kecap Tilil

DMC (or Denis Mac Carty, member of the H.A.K. collective) and Kecap Tilil (one half of the band Pura Sombar) have never met in real life, but when Kecap Tilil heard a mixtape of DMC (using his special turntable and “prepared” records) he felt like to work on it, adding overdubs of different strings & winds instruments and sounds of unknown (to us) origins…

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[Eg0_CD06] Denis Mc Carty – Ces Gens-là (Business card CD-R)

“Ces gens-là” is a continuation of Denis Mc Carty‘s net-released “1+1=3” serie, (experimental live mixes using only 1 vinyl EP, played with a special 2-headed turntable and foot looper)
On this new version* of Ces Gens-Là (a song of the famous 20th century belgian singer Jacques Brel) he uses also a tape loop, but as usual everything is recorded and mixed live. The result is a gorgeous piece based on of looped vinyl crackles and melancolic piano, Jacques’ disconstructed half-spoken & shouting vocals, bathed in a sea of analog saturation.
Denis Mc Carty is a member of the french experimental collective / label H.A.K

Denis Mc Carty : Ces Gens-là by Eg0cide

One track, 5min 50,  released on a busines-card CD-R
Artwork is a collage by Dr Svart

Price : 2 EUR excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com

* This track is different from an earlier “ces gens-là” mix by Denis that can be heard on his virb page.